I have no previous experience in Taichi or other forms of martial arts. Where should I begin?

The primary purpose of learning martial arts is to strengthen the body. Various “level I” courses are designed to improve our health and fitness. Only when you are healthy and energetic can you enter the world of martial arts. Beginners may, according to their own interests, enrol in Yijin Jing or Paida class, and choose one or two items from Yiquan stance, Baguazhang I and Taichi I.

Do you have classes for kids and youths? Any age restrictions?

We have children classes (age 6 to 9) and youth classes (age 10 to 15). Please refer to the Class Schedule for details.

The class I want to enroll in has already started. Can I still join? Would I be able to catch up if I join in the middle?

Although the classes are scheduled with three months constituting a term, they are taught on a rolling and recurring basis. Students can join in anytime, and can learn the previously missed parts in the next term. This way the student will not have to wait.

We have a group of people. Can we form a class ourselves?

Each class has several to ten people or more. To form a private group, it depends on the number of students, time and other relevant factors. Please call or email to discuss.

I would like to see how a class is conducted or try out a class before deciding whether to enroll. Can I do so?

Anyone who is interested may call or email us in advance to make an appointment for viewing a class. 

Is it necessary to learn the martial art form first before learning the weapon?

It is more ideal to attain a foundation of the martial art form first. Weapon classes are generally not for students who have no martial art basis.

Is Mandarin (Putonghua) the main medium of instruction? I only understand Cantonese/English. Would it be difficult for me to learn?

Teaching is mainly conducted in Mandarin (Putonghua), and supplemented by simple English where necessary. Many teaching materials have English version. We have some students who understand Cantonese or English only, but they have no problem in learning.

What should I wear and bring to class?

Please dress in comfortable sportswear and indoor exercise shoes. It is even better if you wear Taichi shoes. Wujitang has its own long sleeve T-shirts for sale to students.

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