Master Gao has been practising martial arts for more than 40 years since childhood.  He has been teaching at his martial arts school in the People’s Republic of China  since the mid 90’s.  In the early 21st century, he was invited to the United States on two occasions as a martial arts instructor.  After moving to Canada in 2006, Master Gao continues to teach and promote martial arts, and in 2009, has successfully founded China-Canada Traditional Martial Arts Institute and Wujitang.

Master Gao regards promoting martial arts as his responsibility and goal, and teaches without holding back.  He does not follow the traditional teaching method of “students learn whatever the master teaches”. Instead, his approach is to focus on how students would understand and learn martial arts.

Master Gao uses his body to demonstrate and explain martial arts principles. He teaches according to the different aptitude of students, using various instruction methods to enable students to comprehend and learn martial arts principles.  This explains why a majority of students would improve significantly after following Master Gao for a short period.

Lineage of Master Gao

Previous positions:

  • First class instructor of social sports martial arts appointed by General Administration of Sport of China
  • Committee member and senior instructor of Bagua Zhang Institute of Beijing
  • Vice Chairman of Martial Arts Theory Literature and History Institute of Beijing (2003)
  • Vice Secretary General of Xing Yi Quan Research Institute of Beijing (2002)
  • 6th Duan in Chinese Wushu Association Wushu Duanwei System
  • Member of Wu Taichi Research Institute of Beijing
  • Head and Chief Instructor of Wen An Huang Pu Martial Arts Institute of Hebei
  • Bagua Zhang Instructor of Martial Arts Research Institute of Chinese Wushu Association


Master Gao’s achievements in martial arts:
( recognized, selected and recorded as an elite)

  • Record of Chinese Contemporary Martial Arts Celebrities 1998
  • Dictionary of Chinese Contemporary Martial Arts Practitioners 1999
  • Comprehensive Collection of Chinese Elites 1999
  • Record of Outstanding Chinese Elites 2000
  • Beijing Martial Arts Sports File 2007

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