Yiquan, also known as Dachengquan, was founded by Wang Xiang-zhai, a disciple of Grand Master Guo Yunshen of Xing Yi Quan. After Grand Master Guo passed away, Master Wang started to travel all over China to visit famous masters of different styles of martial arts to help improve his own technique.

During 1920’s, he founded “Yiquan”. In the mid-1940’s, Master Wang incorporated into Yiquan essential contacting and defusing skills of taichi, flexible body movements of Bagua, as well as the basic principles of Qigong. Master Wang renamed it as Dachengquan.

Master Gao uses the stances of Yiquan/Dachengquan to teach each student to harmonize and coordinate his body, mind and spirit, thereby making body movements much more holistic. Students have gained practical value through learning this style.

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