Chinese martial arts are well known for improving self-defence and wellness in health. Students develop a firm character and strong will if they learn humbly and practise diligently the teaching of Chinese martial arts.

Proficient in various styles of internal martial arts, Master Gao combines the appropriate skills for youths using Bagua, Yiquan and Taichi into unique youth self-defence courses. These courses help students take up basic self-defence techniques such as unlocking, clamping, joint locking and countering attacks.

Through diligent practice, students come to understand how to defend themselves against stronger opponents. Besides training the physical body, these courses would enhance an individual’s courage and willpower while developing self confidence and self-esteem. These will help youths to become more courageous and motivated in their future.

The enrolling ages of youth self-defence classes are mainly between 6 to 16 years old, with classes grouped according to age.

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