Wujitang, a martial arts school in Greater Vancouver, was founded in 2009 by China-Canada Traditional Martial Arts Institute with a view to promoting Chinese traditional martial arts. Master Gao is the founder of Wujitang and the Institute and has more than twenty years of teaching experience.  He has a deep and unique understanding of internal martial arts, their forms, principles and weapons. Besides teaching every class himself, Master Gao also prepares DVDs and publications as learning aids for his students.

Wujitang offers classes on internal martial arts such as Taichi, Xing Yi Quan ,Baguazhang and Yiquan and their related weapons (including sabre, sword, spear and staff etc). In addition, Yi Jin Jing and Paida classes are available to promote and enhance health.  Master Gao teaches and arranges various routines, explains the health benefits of different forms, demonstrates personally the application in fighting and supervises students to experiment among themselves. Wujitang provides all sorts of weapons for students to practise and learn in a spacious environment.


Never disappoint the past generation, never deceive the present generation, never mislead the future generation” is not only Wujitang’s motto, but certainly a portrayal of Master Gao’s spirit in martial arts as well.

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